Commercial Tire Sales & Service

Your commercial tires travel thousands of miles on the road, and they must be reliable, safe, and cost-effective. At ATS Fleet Service, we offer some of the best commercial tires in the industry. Our experts have designed comprehensive services for all your commercial tire service needs, based on over 65 years of experience in the field. We take pride in being the people you can depend on, ensuring that you get the most out of your hard-earned dollars. Give us a call to take control of your tire program!

Here at ATS Fleet Service, we are passionate about truck tires. There are many options out there, and a lot to think about regarding the needs of your fleet. That is why we have an expert sales and service team, dedicated to ensuring that your new tires meet your expectations in overall longevity, fuel efficiency, price, and performance.

Every company is different and will have different demands of the tires for their equipment.

Commercial Tire Sales & Service

We will review your equipment and the performance requirements you have, and find the new tires or retreads with the qualities that best suit your needs. In caring for you and your fleet after the sale, we apply our decades of knowledge and experience in tire service and maintenance to ensure the best possible performance.

ATS Fleet Service is staffed with expert technicians who have the latest technology and tools to handle any tire work or repair required for your heavy truck and equipment. We can assess any tire situation and will recommend the best course of action for you and your vehicle.

Commercial Tire Services Offered:

  • Flat Repairs
  • Mounting and Balancing
  • Tire Fleet Inspections
  • Tire Retreading
  • Tire Maintenance
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Wheel Reconditioning