Our retread tires at Alma Tire come with the DOT RFFW stamp, representing our commitment to delivering high-quality and high-performing tires. This stamp signifies that our retreads meet the stringent standards set by the Department of Transportation (DOT). When you choose tires with the DOT RFFW stamp, you can trust that they have undergone a comprehensive retreading process, adhering to industry guidelines and regulations. Our retreads offer the same level of reliability, durability, and performance as new tires while providing significant cost savings. Partner with us and experience the reliability and value of our RFFW-stamped retreads for your fleet.

Drive with Confidence

Embrace the Trustworthiness of Our RFFW-Stamped Retreads

Understand how commercial tire retreads adhere to consistent performance and safety standards. Through meticulous inspections, quality control measures, and strict adherence to industry regulations, retreads offer the same level of performance and safety as new tires, ensuring peace of mind for commercial vehicle operators.


Consistent Performance And Safety Standards

Explore how commercial tire retreads provide extended tread life, allowing for greater mileage and increased tire longevity. The Bandag Retreading process ensures a durable and reliable tread layer, maximizing the life span of the tire and providing excellent value for businesses seeking long-lasting performance.


Extended Tread Life For Greater Mileage

Learn how commercial tire retreads contribute to enhanced fuel efficiency and sustainability. The advanced technology used in retreading helps optimize tire performance, reducing rolling resistance and improving fuel economy. By choosing retreads, businesses can make eco-friendly choices without sacrificing performance.


Enhanced Fuel Efficiency And Sustainability

Discover how commercial tire retreads offer significant cost savings compared to purchasing new tires, without compromising on quality. Retreads undergo a rigorous process that ensures they meet industry standards and deliver comparable performance to new tires at a fraction of the cost.


Cost Savings Without Compromising Quality

Benefits Of Commercial Tire Retread

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