Tire Retreading

Alma Tire and ATS Fleet Service have been certified Bandag dealers for over 25 years. Our Bandag retread tires have gone through a rigorous inspection process, adhering to the highest quality and safety standards in the industry. Retreads, when manufactured properly, are every bit as good as a new tire. At Alma Tire, we have built our reputation on building a retread you can depend on. And the trucking industry shows just how far retread technology has come – in the North American truck tire market, retreads account for roughly half of all replacement tires.

Benefits of an Alma Tire Retread:

We know time is money for both you and your customers, and that’s why we treat every part of the retread cycle so seriously. The Bandag retread process is fast and reliable, we do things right the first time, and our turnaround time is short – usually within one week of receiving your casings.
Affordable & Durable 
The pricing is very attractive when it comes to retreads because they perform like new tires at a fraction of the price. Advanced tread patterns and compounds can withstand the challenges of your business. We are constantly investing in the most advanced technology and materials to ensure better grip, greater reliability, and high-quality tire performance.
Have the Total Package With Our Retreads
When you buy an Alma Tire retread, you will be investing in one of the best tires the market has to offer. The pricing of our Bandag retreads, combined with their uncompromising quality, will increase your equipment’s performance and save your company money in ways few others can match. Give your local ATS Fleet Service shop a call to get your Bandag retreads today!
Bandag Retread Process
Learn more about the Bandag process here.