Custom Fleet Tire & Maintenance Plans

Right after fuel, tires and maintenance are the top variable cost for every trucking company. That’s why it’s important to have a tailored tire and maintenance plan designed specifically for you. Whether you are wanting to control your costs, decrease administrative duties, minimize downtime, or avoid unexpected problems, the only way is to get specific about your operation and make a plan.
Working with Alma Tire and ATS Fleet Service, you can keep your fleet vehicles in top shape affordably and easily, as we design a custom plan that ensures your vehicles’ maintenance matches your company goals.
When you work with our ATS Fleet Service team to create a unique fleet tire and maintenance plan, the load of your upkeep responsibilities is shouldered by our experts. We will decrease unexpected downtime, boost the overall performance of your fleet, safeguard your investment, and keep a thorough and transparent service report history that provides a predictable forecast of your fleet’s future performance. With your fleet under our constant observation, we will be able to save your company both time and money! Call your local ATS Fleet Service shop and set up a time to discuss a maintenance plan for your fleet’s exact tire and mechanical needs!